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Tired of never achieving your fitness goals?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone

Are you tired of being a fitness flop? Stuck in the never ending cycle of not seeing results? We’re here to fix that. Bel connects you with a qualified online personal trainer with the relevant experience to help you achieve your goals and become Better in Everyday Life.

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  • 1 / 3Sign up to Bel

    Sign up to Bel

    Sign up forms are boring, have a quick chat with Bel and let us do the rest

  • 2 / 3Bel connects you

    Bel connects you

    Based on your responses Bel finds you an online personal trainer perfectly matched to fit your needs

  • 3 / 3Chat with potential coaches

    Chat with potential coaches

    We’ll get your favourite online personal trainers to reach out so you can get a better understanding of their coaching

  • Get fitter with Bel

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    Take the first step in becoming Better in Everyday Life.

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Discover the benefits of Online Coaching

Why settle for the first PT you see in the gym? With online coaching you get access to the best trainers who'll create tailored workout and nutrition plans, and make sure you achieve your goals.

World Class Coaches

World Class Coaches

Fast Track Your Fitness

Fast Track Your Fitness

Tailored around your schedule

Tailored around your schedule

Make fitness forever

Make fitness <Mark>forever</Mark>

We believe there’s more to fitness than the way you look. It’s a journey to become the Hero.

  • Finding the right coach is the first step in that journey

    Finding the right coach is the first step in that journey

  • Learn what works for you

    Learn what works for you

  • Become Better In Everyday Life

    Become Better In Everyday Life

Change your life today

With Bel
Hey, I'm Bel. Let's find you a coach!

Bel is the key to unlocking a happier life

How Bel helps you to become Better in Everyday Life

Being fit and healthy doesn’t just impact the way you look, it also impacts the way you feel. The healthier you are the easier it is for you to be at your best. Meeting your coach with Bel is the first step to being Better in Everyday Life. It'll not only affect the way you look, but also...

  • Improve your mental health

    Improve your mental health

  • Make you feel more energised throughout the day

    Make you feel more energised throughout the day

  • Become more disciplined

    Become more disciplined

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Trainers you can trust

Say goodbye to the cowboy online coach. All our coaches are level 3 qualified personal trainers as a minimum and have provided verified testimonials.

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Rest assured you’re being matched with coaches who have all the tools to help you to become Better in Everyday Life.

Hear what people have to say about online coaching

Online coaching helped me with tracking my workouts better and developing a structure to my week. It was also motivating to have to send my online coach my food diary each day to ensure I was on track and made me less likely to eat unhealthily.





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